Election Film Festival

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3 Responses to “Election Film Festival”

  1. To the students of PS 373,
    Your movies are wonderful! Not only have you learned so much about the election process, but you are now teaching everyone who watches your movies. You are very talented students. I look forward to seeing more movies throughout the school year.

  2. There are things going on in your school that
    just aren’t happening in general education. The use of technology is incredible. You all should be very proud of what you’re doing because nobody else is doing it as well as the Students and staff at P 373R. Hats off to Ms. Broderick and all who have worked on these projects.

  3. […] November 3, 2008 by c2meb4u Today I visited a colleague’s site on wordpress and I saw web2.0 being put to good use. The main thing that impressed me was not the use of the technology, but the knowledge the students gained while preparing this work. Tomorrow is Election Day, and if you know anyone who is uncertain about voting let them check out this link https://mockelection2008.wordpress.com/election-film-festival/ […]

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