14 Responses to “VOTING”

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  2. i think he is a kind hearted man and should be president.

  3. vote for barack obama

  4. he will be a good person for us to have as our president.

  5. i definately agree with obamas ideas and mc cains idea of extra money for schools with “smart kids” because the schools will now never except the kids who really need help

  6. yo obama,
    i voted for you because i thought you would make a good president.youhave a good
    attitude for this country and i hope you take good care of this country.

  7. To Barack Obama good luck on the election, every body is voting for you.You did every thing for us,you’re even trying to save our country.We love you and good luck.

  8. i hope Obama wins.

  9. I hope Obama wins!!! -_O

  10. obama rockzzz mcgain stuckzzz but love u guyssss xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

  11. well in my own words barack obama is more focus on the important issues then john mcain, as a demorcrat barack cares about our economy issues and has spent millions of dollars on states.

  12. obama you rock! I hope you become president and continue with your dreams!

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